Roller shutter

Automatic roller shutters made from steel or aluminium are the most affordable solution for any garage, workshop, underground car park or retail unit. They provide security and protect against unauthorised access outside of opening hours or after a facility has been closed up. When open, roller shutters take up hardly any space above the door opening and are almost completely hidden from view. This hidden storage of the roller shutter is an attractive option, especially for retail units that need to balance cost and safety requirements as efficiently as possible.



Roller shutter or sectional door? Which is better?

As is so often the case, there’s no single answer to this question and it depends on each individual case. Generally speaking, both doors can be used as garage doors. We’d like to briefly discuss a few points here to make it easier for you to decide.

Which are more expensive? Roller shutters or sectional doors?

This question is easy to answer: sectional doors usually cost more than roller shutters. This is in part due to the way they are constructed. Sectional doors, for example, are better insulated and can also be used in situations where energy-saving regulations come into play. A benefit of roller shutters, on the other hand, is their lower price. This is why roller shutters are usually the recommended choice, for example, for underground car parks where insulation isn’t an issue.How much do roller shutters cost? The cost of roller shutters depends on your specific project. For more information, please contact our outstanding support team by email or phone (see below). Benefits for you: We are able to work to your specific plans and in the next step we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for your roller shutter system. This takes into account the design, size and equipment (such as integrated doors).

How secure are roller shutters?

Roller shutters offer reliable protection against unauthorised access, making them ideal for retail units, garages and underground car parks. Gilgen roller shutter systems also feature additional safety mechanisms to guarantee operator safety:

Stop-chute (integrated into the drive mechanism for direct drives)
Stop-chute (external for indirect drives = chain drive system)
Anti-trap safeguard
Safety contact edging

In addition, motor-driven doors with impulse control are also fitted with a safety light barrier.

Drive unit

Roller shutter systems can be set up with a chain drive system or direct-mount drive. We also offer a range of options for different control systems:

Impulse control – electric
Impulse control with remote control
Dead man’s switch – electric

Roller shutter sizes

The slats on our doors are between 96 mm and 102 mm in size. The door size is adapted to your specifications. The maximum roller shutter size is: Height 240,000 mm. Width: 150,000 mm.

Roller shutter seals

The top gap between the unwound door casing and the lintel uses a brush strip to stop draughts. We offer different options for the trailing edges. Our aluminium trailing edges have either a hollow-chamber or double-chamber rubber floor seal.

Choice of color

The slats can be finished in RAL colors. A powder coating with approx. 60μ is highly durable and scratch-resistant. RAL colours are standardised colours used around the world. Every RAL colour is assigned a definitive number, making it easy to refinish items in the right colour where necessary.For more details, please refer to our PDF brochure below. Please also feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.


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